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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

How to Make Money Online With Google Adsense?

Wondering How to Make Money Online with Google Adsense

Making some extra money apart from all the daily obsessions has always been a fascinating and attention-grabbing factor for people.  But that loud and exaggerated ‘HOW’ gets them stuck at times especially when it comes to making this happen through online means.
Undoubtedly, this tech-savvy world has come up with tons of options for you to get along with consistent online money making that can help you keep up with your financial stability. When you glance over numerous ways to make money online, your sight takes a hold over an eagerly-popping way that’s known as Google Adsense.

What is Google Adsense?

It’s an ad placement service owned by Google that is specifically designed for website owners and publishers to display targeted advertisements over their web pages. For sure, it’s an astoundingly lucrative option to get along with as it’s an incredible way to make money through site visitors viewing and clicking your ads.
These ads are entirely controlled by Google and website owners simply have to create a free AdSense account in order to get benefited with this. Google actually offers numerous AdSense programs depending upon the niches your websites are based upon. Simply following the type of niche and content, website publishers can display related ads over their websites to cash out all their efforts.
Why People Fail with Google Adsense?
No offense but if you consider it a machine for making money that would produce hundreds and thousands of bucks for you on monthly basis without any authentic algorithm; it’s time for a reality check.
In this era, when people don’t even buy some packed edible without checking its expiry, how can one expect such a smart system to get lenient with the violation that’s being done by a Google Adsense account, knowingly or unknowingly?
There are many reasons for why some AdSense accounts get either not approved in the initial phase or suspended afterward. Such as;
·         You know what’s the most crucial and gut-wrenching phases for the website owner who’s intending to get Adsense benefits? It’s mainly a lack of traffic that’s surely going to turn up disastrous for any website or blog. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons for why many wannabe Adsense earners give up in the initial phases.
·         Right after getting an approval from Adsense, some not-so-experienced website publishers get so eager to head on for easy and fast money that they sometimes forget to follow Adsense guidelines about placing an advertisement. Consequently, inappropriate ad placements lead to the violation of Google’s Adsense guidelines and the rest becomes history.
In order to get the Google Adsense program turn up lucrative, it’s really important for the website publishers to be consistent and smooth with their efforts.  When it comes to AdSense earnings, this game initiates with gaining the popularity. If your website is popular enough to get a noteworthy amount of real yet relevant traffic, Google ends up with no option other than placing your site in its good books.
How much you can earn with Google Adsense?
Adsense earnings are mainly based upon the commissions you receive per click as there are tons of advertisers worldwide paying Google for the specific ad. website publishers get to earn a share of that amount and mostly the earning per click goes from 2 cents to 15 USD.
Exceeding $1 per click is quite rare but it does happen as well. Most of the newbie crowd and even AdSense geeks are very curious about discovering the average amount Google Pays per click. Well honestly, nobody knows the answer to this other than Google so just don’t let anybody misguide you about this.
Since different ads cost different price that’s why one can have no idea of what advertisers are paying for each ad particularly. Logically, it goes like the more competitive the keyword, the more the advertisers pay. Keeping it up on the same track, the more one earns as the AdSense beneficiary.
For all the obvious reasons, Google won’t ever disclose that how much a publisher earns per ad but you can make your way through this as well if you are smart enough.
For that, you will simply login to your Adsense account and check the amount you earned in one day. For instance, a website publisher earns $15 for 10 clicks so it goes like $1.5 for each click. That’s quite a simple way to calculate an average but that doesn’t make it authentic enough to consider $1.5 for every single click since you don’t know the amount being paid for different ads by advertisers.
Besides that, the AdSense earnings also depend upon the amount of targeted traffic one receives to the website. Alongside, it also goes like how perfectly those advertisements gel in with your audiences’ interests, ads placements and obviously the amount you get per click.
Perhaps that’s the reason for why it’s recommended that you should create a site over the niche you specialize in or have enough knowledge about. This will turn up favorable for you to generously and dedicatedly invest your precious time into creating something you enjoy being into.

Google Adsense Rules & Regulations
Before hopping into AdSense thing, it’s really important to understand what guidelines Google Adsense comes up with so that any inappropriate practice doesn’t lead to the violation for rules.
·         Clicks do add up to your account but not yours particularly. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that one should not click his/her own website ads otherwise it would be counted as a negative Adsense practice.
·         Follow the limit of placing ad block in your website or blog. It’s suggested that website publishers and bloggers should not put more than 3 ad blocks to each blog.
·         Tricking Adsense through code modification won’t work anymore. Therefore, you should not modify the Google Adsense code.
·         Keeping up with 1 account for all your sites is highly appreciable as recommended by Google. Whichever account you have got your Google Adsense approval upon, it’s suggested that you keep up with the same account and get all your sites associated with that one.
·         Sharing account balance and details with someone else is not appreciated. Therefore, just keep your Adsense account details confidential and don’t share the account balance anyway.
·         Using image widgets around the AdSense ad can get your account at risk. In order to avoid it, it’s important not to use Image widgets around the AdSense advertisements.
·         Click exchange deals aren’t working anymore for the website owners and bloggers since the Google setup is getting smarter day by day. Such behaviors do get noticed by Google so it’s recommended avoid these practices.
·         People try to sell some templates ensuring that these are Adsense website template. Don’t trust them! In fact, never trust them at all.
·         Copyright images, text, videos and links are surely going to get your Google Adsense account at risk so just avoid using them to your site.
·         Any activity that proves to be a shortcut to an inclined Google Adsense revenue graph will be considered as the violation of rules. Shortcuts don’t work anymore with Google.

7 Effective Steps to Google Adsense
Since you are mentally yet realistically prepared to head on for getting your hands over some Google Adsense earnings, let’s dig into some effective step that can make you walk through this whole process smoothly.
Get a ".Com" Domain
Believe it or not, Google gets highly fascinated when a website having .com domain applies for Adsense account. In fact, that particular site is more likely to get approval if it’s following all the terms and conditions that Google Suggests. Therefore, if you are intending to get an Adsense account, it’s important for you to have a .com domain. You can buy it from any reliable hosting provider otherwise, there are some free options to get along with as well.
Install Wordpress
Whether you have enough technical skills of updating your website content through source code or not, it would be highly appreciable if you get a Wordpress installed into your site. Why! Because it would get easier for you to manage your site through Wordpress Content Management System and Google will also notice that you are keeping up with the updated versions.
Responsive Website
Since a considerable ratio of browsing is being done through numerous devices other than PC, it’s highly significant for the website owners to make their sites responsive enough so that they can show up on other devices as well. Perhaps that’s the reason for why Google has highlighted the website responsiveness as one of the major ranking factors.
Write 2 Posts per Day
Frequent yet consistent postings get your website noticed by the Google at an extensive level. You must have heard that the Content is King and if you are good enough to keep up with the quality content on the daily basis up to at least 45 days, you are surely going to get paid back astonishingly by Google through its AdSense program. One more thing you need to know that every single post should have a word count of at least 700-1000 words.
Time to Shine Now
If you have been generous and loyal enough with your pre-Adsense commitment for over 45 days, it’s time for you to apply for the Adsense account. Trust me there is no reason that Google will reject your site if you have followed all the guidelines appropriately and your content if also of high quality.
Google Adsense Code
Right after getting the Adsense approval, you are supposed to insert the AdSense code to your website. This would be an authentic mark at your site that it’s fine enough to be eligible for the Google AdSense account.
Now, what’s the Step 7?
Well, you seem to be wondering like you didn’t get the perfect key yet! Honestly, you just got all the required guidelines to get an approval for the Google Adsense account but hang on. Before you head on for the above-mentioned steps, it’s significant for you to craft a perfect SEO & Marketing Strategy for your website.  
Since you are at the right place for the better Adsense guideline, let’s make this easier for you.
First, you need to check out an effective SEO technique that can help you get the perfect SEO friendly and high-quality content.
·         Let the Google help you with this through its incredible tools. Use Keyword Planner Tool by Google Adwords.
·         Grab at least 15 most relevant and least competitive keywords having 2000-3500 monthly searches.
·         Focus upon 1 keyword for at least 3 articles that makes 45 articles for 15 keywords.
·         Make sure, you keep up with the reasonable keyword density while writing articles as the stuffing would be marked as the negative SEO practice.
How about the Marketing Strategy then?
Perfect marketing strategy would surely get you tons of relevant traffic to your website. So let’s delve in for the most favorable marketing technique that will grab you enough audience for your site;
·         Being active on 15 social media platform will help you build your audience. For sure, social media platforms can grant you with the considerable amount of traffic on the daily basis.
·         YouTube is the top video search engine that’s owned by Google actually. It’s a platform that gets millions of visitors per day and it’s time for you to get benefited with some of its shares. Just upload 30-40 great video that will get your YouTube traffic directing towards your site.
·         Taking part in the forum discussion will definitely add up to the value and popularity of your site.  Therefore, join at least 10-15 clustered forums and gather some audience from there as well.
Ever Green Tip!
Spend almost 2 hours for your website daily and then Google will surely leave you awestruck its AdSense program.
You know what’s more enticing here?
While struggling for the Google AdSense you have managed to gather enough traffic to your website that you can utilize for other online money making ways as well. For sure, you will get those tips right here on this site.

In case you have any ambiguities regarding the Google Adsense and you are willing to add you a valuable word regarding this topic, you are most welcome to come up with your queries and suggestions in the comments below.