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Friday, July 8, 2016

3 rules of posting on Facebook to gain maximum attention

posting on facebook
Since you are here to look into some rules of posting on facebook in order to have the optimum online exposure, here are few things you should know first. Facebook is now home to over 1.49 billion monthly active users and a lot of these users can be your potential customers if you tap into it properly. According to research, 85% of sales form whole social media are generated through Facebook and there is no reason why you should not be there.

Most businesses are already on the web and have their own Facebook page. However, a great number of Facebook pages are not able to get the desired attention and hence do not ‘convert’, which is the main aim behind having Facebook presence.
To help you in this regard given below are three simple rules following which you will be able to not only garner attention on Facebook but also get what you expect out of it in the form of more business.
rules of posting on facebook

Post But Do Not Post Too Much:
Spamming can be bad. A lot of Facebook pages are full of posts but end up being ‘too active’ forcing users to ‘unlike’ the page and stop being in touch. Experts suggest that back to back posting is not appreciated socially. In fact, one should not post more than 6-7 times per day.
facebook posting tips

Be Relevant, Short and Crisp:
Your content should be to the point and precise that conveys complete information in few words. According to statistics, Facebook drives 25% of the whole internet traffic. Therefore your content should be engaging enough to have some contribution and in the driven traffic. This will consequently benefit you at the end of the day. Irrelevant content is badly un-followed or un-liked. Survey records that 32% of Facebook users un-like or un-follow a brand because of irrelevant content. This thing really makes a big difference and declines the popularity of a particular brand.
That’s one of the major rules of posting on facebook, it’s actually as bad as self-promoting and somewhat like forcing people to visit their website and buy their crap. On the contrary, you can go for Pull Marketing strategy. That’s where you are being informative while being generous. Here you make reasoning that why people need your product and through this way you will be able to drive your Facebook traffic to your website. In addition, 42% of marketers believe and admit that Facebook is very much important for their business.
In order to dig in further and grab more out of social media, you should check out some Social media optimization techniques.
There are many platforms you can get more guide to incline your Facebook graph. In case you need any assistance regarding content or you want to have worthy content for online marketing, you can contact us.