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Sunday, July 24, 2016

3 Best Android Apps that can make your day

3 best android apps

Android applications are simply an incredible source of the keeping your stuff on auto pilot. It would be much determined to mention that android apps are meant to facilitate you with an optimum level of convenience. People are getting highly inspired by the variations and even the creative charms in the android apps and these application are even helping out the businesses to grow amazingly. For all the obvious reasons, why anybody wouldn’t feel like installing an Android Application he requires even after having a smartphone. There are 3 best android apps that you should download in your phone because these are quite helpful. So let’s dig in further;


This is particularly a task automation app through which you can define your tasks and do them all with an incredible efficiency. You will get to find many similar application doing the same thing for you just like the Tasker but the problem with this particular application is that you will have to learn its complex options first. As compare to the other similar purposed applications, MACDROID is a lot simpler to use because the User Interface is quite simple and provides step by step logical procedure. You can easily an automated task, in here you just need to open an application and select the trigger you are willing to set. There are various options like date and time, dial phone number, data connectivity change, device docked or undocked, battery manager and etc.

A-Z Camera

a-z camera
Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best cameras that android might have developed before. In fact, its functionalities are quite similar to the DSLR in which you can easily manipulate over the Shutter, Aperture and even the ISO. Moreover, the white balance does have a noteworthy significance especially for the ones are have good aesthetics of the photography. This is simply an incredible application having a lot of features to deal with. In fact, this app has more than enough capabilities to enhance your photos if your photography skills are commendable. Through this particular application, you get to manipulate the manual focus and that’s what makes it over a big count because focus is something everybody is not really good at. Unlike all the previously established apps of cameras, this particular application works flawlessly because this app doesn’t get crashed at any point. So just say yes to the A-Z Camera application.

OG Youtube App

og youtube
There we are, it’s one of those 3 best android apps that going to be very much helpful for you. before we head on for any insights, it's important to know that Youtube is an incredible social media platform besides being an astounding video search engine. In fact, it's also used as the prominent part of Social media optimization techniques. Now that’s a point to think for why you would prefer to download this app when you already have the same app built in your android smartphone. Time to correct yourself then because this particular application is not exactly what you have in your phone. In fact, this particular app comes up with some new and great features through which you can easily download the application by the app itself. Now that’s an amazing stuff to think of. You will just have to select the video, then the quality and simply press the download button. TADA!!! You’ve then got the video in your phone memory. Great App, isn’t it?