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Saturday, April 2, 2016

What’s the relation between SEO and Social Media Nowadays?

SEO and Social Media Marketing

You must be wondering as if what is SEO? There are some of the best seo tips that can help you out on the global scale.

The 2 pillars to SEO strategy
  • To write and present a well written content for the readers.
  • And linked by as many people as possible

What is SEO

SEO stands for the Search Engine Optimization. This is an amazing technique that can boost up your website in SERP, which stands for Search Engine Result Pages. For all the obvious reasons, this amazing online marketing technique has been considerably lucrative way of getting online business. if you research further, you will get to know of many useful and best seo tips that help you rank your website higher.

Are the same but in 2016 a new key has joined the rank with these 2 keys that is social media. Social media didn’t exist when SEO was developed in the industry, but now it is popular around every industry in the world. As social media is related to organic search of marketing strategy many SEO experts took a while to understand its real benefit. Social media is doing far than just by simply ensuring that your company is keeping up with the competition. Social media is giving interactions to the costumers to they can reach their clients, advertise their services and products and create a better community, and driving traffic to their websites. Social media strategies are different for every company that depends on their interest. Engaging and Optimizing within social media networks has not always been a goal of SEO, but should be in the future. While all the SEO campaigns are bringing the new clients and customer traffic to the website and gain better rank on the search engine which is a point of trust for a costumer.

Social media

Social Media Marketing


Social media is an interaction between different people where they can create, share and exchange their information’s and idea’s. Social media is growing day by day, so as online advertising and being famous on social media is also a plus point for the companies, social media website like Facebook, Twitter, Thumblr, LinkedIn etc. are playing an important part in the social world. Different people are advertising their services through social media.

SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO and Social Media


SEO is the process of getting more traffic to your website and help your website gain better ranking in different search engine. There are people who are looking for a good and guaranteed SEO company who are offering some good services.

SEO and social media marketing

SEO and Social Media Marketing


The benefits of SEO and Social Media Marketing can be seen in two different ways from the marketing point of view

·         It’s like leaving your money on the table when you put a social media plan without optimizing the blog or content of the website, some useful social contents like videos, blogs, images and audio’s that are not found on search is a loss of opportunity  to reach the clients and customers that are looking for them

·         Public relations, marketers, advertisers and professionals are able to extend their investment by involving the SEO and social media marketing strategies. Well written and presented social media blogs and content marketing efforts also attract the new clients who are looking for any services. Content that experiences distribution through bookmarking channels and social news can facilitate links to company website content directly and indirectly.

Social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube etc. are now also making their space in the world of marketing. People are using these sites to tell Google and people what new is happening and adverting their service and product that they are offering to their customer’s.

Future has lot to bring ahead and SEO and social media marketing will be together as social media is now a strategy of SEO.

We always keep our readers update with anything new in the SEO world.

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